I have been a professional photographer since 2015 and I live in Alba, a small town in Piedmont.

I share my photographic time between long-term personal projects and wedding reportage. All of this engages me deeply, with passion. And it is precisely from the passion for fine art photography that I believe I have developed an attentive look at the details and the elegance of the photographic composition. I do my job with professionalism and enthusiasm.


Together we will build the photographic story of your wedding, with you, your family, friends, children.

Don't worry, I put customers and their guests at ease, and this allows me to become familiar and capture authentic moments. My task is precisely this, knowing how to capture and document these moments. Because let's not forget, wedding photography is made, first of all, of people.


I reach a natural connection with the couples I work with. I love couples who have a special relationship and love their friends. This creates a greater level of comfort that allows you to capture the best moments of the day.


My style tends to deliver clean images, structured which I think adds value beyond time. I love soft, bright colors.


I will do all this with discretion, spontaneity, perseverance and good humor. And I need your trust, which gives me the freedom to create images that tell the story of your day as accurately as possible.
 We will spend some time together. But, fundamental very important, I will be also where you cannot be that day. I will try to see with your eyes, in order to really allow you to relive "your memory".


C.so Piera Cillario 8

12051 Alba - Italy


+39 3492592597

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